Monday, November 15, 2010

Organization is of God....

Haha, had you asked me five years ago - I would have told you I had no gifting whatsoever in administration OR organization.  But, God has given me new eyes to see the tidier giftings.

Firstly, I've been using a day planner.  (Can you all hear my mother gasping?  Haha!!)  Yes, it's true, Samantha Flanagan is the proud owner and regular user of a day planner!  I have one of those day planners that shows the whole week on a two page spread, and I use color coded blocks of time to break down my time with God, my time at school, my time for home work, my time for friends, and my time for work.  You see, once I understood that a day planner helps me to guard time in my life for the things that I ACTUALLY care about - we became goooood friends.  Hee hee.

Another step in this whole process (thanks to Gabe Valenzuela) has been discovering the roles that make up who I am, and focusing my time on them.  This is a new exercise, and one I'm still learning about, so I'd like to give you an overview.  Everyone has roles that make up who they are.  These roles help define your day and to quote Gabe, give you a reason to get out of bed every day.  The trick is to make sure that you're investing time in your week on the roles that need work!  Example: for a some people their roles would be father, mother, sister, brother, student, writer, musician, linguist, explorer, chef, etc.  Just to mention a couple of my roles: sister, friend, disciple, author, and explorer. 

Those last three roles are roles that God has been really talking to me about in the last few weeks, so I'm going to be very intentional about them.  Here is the break down of what that looks like:

I am a disciple of the Holy Spirit!  Like I said, in the last couple of weeks, there has been a growing awareness that I need to focus more on being a student, and pursuing His revelation.  All the bible homework we do through school is great, but there is something special about pursuing your own studies with God.  I feel like there is a grace to grow in the knowledge of Him through the bible, so I'm setting aside time in my week to ask Him to teach me.  Practically, I'll be using the interpretive tool that I learned last year from Grasping God's word to take me deeper into His word, as well as our Hayford Bible Handbook, and online resources like commentaries and  Every day, I'll spend some time in the word, and then I'll also set a time at least once a week to bite off a larger chunk of scripture to study.  I'm really excited!

I really enjoy writing and I know I'm going to write books in my life time.  So!  To prepare and brush up, I'm going to learn a new word every day (probably post it on my facebook, haha), and spend time every week writing.  I have a story that I'm working on right now, but I haven't asked anyone to look at my work besides my sister - I'm going to find a either a writer's club, or something like that, and open my work up to receive criticism.  Also, this blog plays a large part in my routine of regular writing - I'm going to keep modifying it until it's perfect!  To keep my creative juices flowing, I'm visiting the library regularly and taking out books (nothing like the classics to enhance your tone and your style!), and I'd like to buy a thesaurus.  Yes, the online ones are nice, but I like having books on my shelf!  Doesn't this sound like a good plan?  I like it.

This is an odd one.  In my time out here, I've been realizing, I love the idea of being adventurous.  Love it.  The problem is, I have this little voice in my head that says, "You're going to mess up your clothes.  What if you hurt yourself?  What if you get lost?  You don't know how to do that, do you really think you'd enjoy that?" and very quickly, I dismiss whatever opportunity for adventure is in front of me and go back to the known and the safe.  Mind you, I'm not unhappy - I just believe that I'm made to tramp around off road every now and again.  So in the interest of developing curiosity and creativity, and reawakening that spirit of adventure, I'm working my way through a delightful book called "How to think like Leonardo da Vinci."  It's a fun book that is filled with historical fact, quizzes, and exercises.  The first set is amazing!!  I had to write down one hundred questions and then look for the top ten, and then look for themes.  Seriously, it was eye opening.  So, in my journey to look closer at everything and to ask more questions, I am going to set aside time every week to explore, try new things, and work my way through this book!  I'll probably be posting stories (which would kill two "roles birds" with one stone - I'd be exploring AND doing creative writing!) and you all can watch as Sam experiences life in new ways!  Sounds fun, right?  That little voice in my head is doubtful, but what does it know about having fun...

So there you are!  My life is full of new fun things!  God is so good.  Just a side note - I was thrown a surprise birthday party yesterday by my sister Danielle and my roommates Angie and Lina.  That was SOO FUN.  They prophesied over me and we had snacks, and it was just perfect.  I couldn't have asked for a better birthday.  

Love to all of you!!  Hope your week goes well!  The holidays are around the corner - hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!



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